Liberalism is collapsing under the weight of its own hypocritical intolerance

From grooming gangs to woke campuses, the liberal left’s double standards are clear for all to see

Many liberals seem utterly baffled by the crises that have enveloped their creed  over a decade or more . Yet the events of the past week provide them with the conclusive evidence that their problem is not – as they often like to tell themselves – Tory lies or media bias, but lies much closer to home, in their own beliefs and behaviour. 

Last Tuesday, the country learned of yet another grooming gang scandal. After similar and harrowing tales from Oxford, Rochdale, Rotherham and other English towns and cities, we can now add Manchester to the list of places where the authorities watched mainly…

Dominic Cummings should beware pointless Whitehall reorganisation

Now that Brexit at the end of January has become a foregone conclusion, MPs and their advisers are already preoccupied with the next big event in each of the parties. For Labour, their whole future direction is at stake in a momentous leadership election. Somewhere out of sight of the media, the Liberal Democrats are also choosing a leader and trying to work out what on earth went wrong.

Among the victorious Tories, every minister is inevitably weighing their chances of promotion or dismissal in a reshuffle of responsibilities that cannot be long delayed. Boris Johnson has earned the right to hire, fire and reorganise in any way he wants, while his powerful adviser Dominic Cummings has appealed…

Our approach to children and gender is a moral outrage

We don’t allow children to buy cigarettes or alcohol. So why do we allow life-changing puberty blockers?

We don’t allow children to drive or buy cigarettes or alcohol. Children can’t consent to sex or even to getting the name of their latest crush tattooed on their arm. Whether or not they are mature for their age and fully versant in all the associated risks is irrelevant. The law dictates children cannot engage in these risky activities.

But what about when it comes to changing gender? Children too young to vote, smoke or get a tattoo are currently deemed capable of consenting to drugs designed to stop the onset of puberty.

This ridiculous situation is being challenged in a case being heard…

Police inaction has enabled a wave of mugging in schools

Every parent’s nightmare is to see their offspring head for school each day fearful that they will be mugged on their way home. This has become the reality for thousands of families across the land as they come to terms with a spate of daylight robberies on children. These are no longer taking place in known crime areas or inner cities but in leafy suburbs and rural towns.

As we report today, the country is in the grip of a crime wave of children preying on other children, usually to steal their smartphones.

More than 500 children a day are victims, but just one in eight reports the offences fearing reprisals. Most worryingly, the numbers are rising after a period of decline and muggings are…

Letters: Our Byzantine healthcare system prevents GPs from doing their job

SIR – The NHS wants to do everything on the cheap, with the result that we have an overstretched, inaccessible system that is deteriorating year on year (Leading Article, December 23).

One of the problems in primary care is the number of non-clinical layers that patients have to navigate in order to see someone capable of assessing their problem. The patient is often frustrated by the time they reach a GP, having been inadequately assessed by NHS 111, nurse-led urgent care centres, triage, pharmacists and paramedics.

When the patient does get to see a GP, the service they receive is second best. There is too little consultation time, and insufficient resources for near-patient testing. Long waits…

Labour’s Corbynistas won’t give up control of the party without a fight  

The next couple of months in the Labour Party are going to be fascinating, and it serves them right

Already the Right-wing of the party have their tails up. They saw the failure of Corbynism as a historical inevitability and are now using the fact of this month’s general election wipe-out to take back control. All that’s required is for centrist Labour-supporting types to join in their hundreds of thousands. Oh, and also, they need far-Left types – you know, the kind who have actually done this sort of thing before and succeeded in their aim of taking over the Labour Party – to feel so disillusioned and discouraged that they won’t bother clicking the “join” button on the party’s website.


Christmas is about going home, or building a new one

Boris Johnson’s visit to troops stationed in Estonia tapped into the spirit of the season. It was a “thank you” for their service and a reassurance that people back in Britain are thinking about them. Most of us want to be at home for Christmas, surrounded by those we love. Sadly, it’s not always possible.

The Bible is full of the pain of homelessness. The Old Testament is the story of a people who have been captured and enslaved, of their struggle to return and protect their home. In the Gospels, by which time that homeland has been occupied by the Romans, the Holy Family travel to Bethlehem to take part in a census; according to St Luke, there was no room at the inn and they were forced to…

‘Global Britain’ needs new approach to defence

The issue of national security turned out to be a surprise factor in deciding the outcome of the general election, which is why it makes sense for Boris Johnson’s new Government to pay serious attention to protecting Britain’s interests.

For their own very different reasons, neither of the main parties was keen to make defence a central part of their campaigns: Labour because even the most committed Corbynista realised it was not their leader’s strongest point, while the Tories did not want to remind voters of their desultory record on maintaining the strength of our Armed Forces.

Even so, it was an issue that was key to deciding the outcome, with the overwhelming majority of voters coming to…

Thank the voters for ridding us of this grandstanding Parliament

It is fitting that almost all the MPs who reduced our politics to paralysis have lost their seats

The House of Commons returns today, and one of the most striking changes will be who is no longer there.

John Bercow is tending to his new career as a television personality, replaced as Speaker by the less self-aggrandising figure of Sir Lindsay Hoyle. From Dominic Grieve and David Gauke to Sir Oliver Letwin and Philip Hammond, the ex-Tory rebels are out, either losing their seats in doomed bids to win as independents or having pre-emptively decided to leave politics for good.

Those Conservatives who defected to the Lib Dems to campaign for a second referendum all failed in their attempts to re-enter…

The Brexit Party’s work is over. Now it’s up to the Tories to get Brexit done

Over the coming days and weeks, there will be a lot of politicians and commentators peddling their agendas, providing their excuses and trying to shape future thinking in their own image. Many of these narratives and analyses of the election will be wrong factually, and flawed in their intent.

The true narrative is that the Conservative government have been given a rare mandate to shape Britain, to establish our place in the world and to develop a turbo-charged economy. It is vital that the Conservative Party do not retrench to becoming conservative with a small ”c”.

After a splendid election result, my only concern at present is that vested interests prevail coupled with the low-level of competence…