Only a union of Unionists can defeat the rampaging SNP

A non-aggression pact among the major parties is vital if they are to see off the SNP and the threat of independence

In a statement that demonstrates why Labour would be mad to choose Rebecca Long Bailey as its new leader, the shadow business secretary has denounced her party’s leading role in what was its last triumph – the Better Together campaign that won the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence.

In setting out her socialist credentials, the woman dubbed the “continuity Corbyn” candidate has said that Labour had gotten “too close to the establishment” by “joining forces with David Cameron in Better Together”. Yet the latter was a movement led by Labour, in the shape of the former chancellor…

Letters: The SNP has no mandate to take the whole of Scotland out of the Union

SIR – Despite the SNP’s claims at the last Scottish independence referendum that the vote was “a once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, Nicola Sturgeon wants another one.

If the SNP believes that those who voted for the party should not be forced to stay in the Union, it must also accept that those areas that did not vote for it should not be wrenched away from the United Kingdom.

The election results clearly demonstrate that the SNP does not speak for any of the constituencies bordering England, or for many around Aberdeen.

Ian Wallace
Whitley Bay, Northumberland

SIR – The Treaty of Union, passed in 1707, was the start of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

It has been successful for over 300 years…

If he throws his weight behind the Union, Boris can defeat the SNP’s plot to break up the UK

Just as the vast majority of British people breathed a collective sigh of relief that the constitutional morass over Brexit was disappearing from their lives six days before Christmas, Nicola Sturgeon stepped smartly into the role of Ebenezer Scrooge to declare: Bah Humbug! Here in Scotland the very notion that a period of silence might be possible over this country’s future within the UK was declared almost unpatriotic by the SNP leader.

Using the Georgian splendour of her official residence in Edinburgh’s New Town as backdrop, rather than the more prosaic Ikea surroundings of the Holyrood parliament, La Sturgeon attempted to match the gloss of Boris Johnson’s second Queen’s Speech by insisting…

I’ll go skinny-dipping in Loch Ness if the SNP win big on Thursday

The SNP hierarchy is fundamentally at odds with their membership

The Telegraph’s online “Wargaming the General Election” series has been excellent. Positing a number of potential scenarios and what would need to occur to see them become reality is a discussion capable of ensnaring casual poll-watcher and genuine election nerd alike. This week, we were treated to “How the SNP could win 50 seats and push for Scottish Independence”. As someone who takes more than a passing interest in Scottish elections, let me respond.

This is a two-part discussion – the first on seat numbers, the second on a renewed push for independence. I can categorically state, without fear of contradiction, that the second…

Is the SNP beginning to worry about Sturgeon’s campaign?

Every election campaign offers up a moment when the mood music changes dramatically. The question on the lips of even the most seasoned of campaigners yesterday was whether such a significant shift was occurring in this contest.

It arose when the super-confidence, not to say arrogance, in the SNP camp appeared to have been replaced by a twitchiness, a worry that, after all their boasting of a runaway victory, everything might not be going their way.

Needless to say, the changed vibes centred on the woman who calls all the shots in that party – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Her demeanour wasn’t exactly "never glad confident morning again"; it never is with this super-combative lady. But what…