We love Gavin & Stacey so much because they remind us of ourselves

Why oh why do we love Gavin & Stacey so? Let me count the ways. The Christmas special achieved the best 25 December ratings for a decade with 11.6 million viewers. Even the BBC described it as “well lush”. When it aired at 8.30 pm almost half – 49.2 per cent – of all TV viewers tuned in. Not quite enough to win a referendum but I would aver we definitely won the argument.

In my house the argument was with my spouse: “Why are you watching this? It’s not even funny. Who are these people, sitting around doing nothing?” My lofty response went something along the lines of: “Shush! Uncle Bryn is about to reveal what happened on that fateful fishing trip. It’s not supposed to be Live at the Apollo….

Boris Johnson is the Love Actually politician: a plucky optimist who stands up for Britain     

Love Actually, Richard Curtis’ classic 2003 movie about the lives and loves of a range of characters in the run up to Christmas, has become a British icon.  It’s featured in a range of internet memes down the years; Comic Relief arranged a “reunion” of some of the main characters, which was the highlight of their fundraising efforts several years ago and, the movie was on TV on Tuesday.  

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has mimicked a famous scene in his latest party political broadcast.  In the original, Andrew Lincoln knocks on Keira Knightley’s door and then presents a number of cards, declaring his secret love for her. 

This has been transposed into Boris knocking on the door of a floating…

Love him or hate him, Boris’s social media strategy works either way

It looks like it took all of five minutes to shoot – and perhaps that is the reason why Boris Johnson’s first election video has been racking up viewers in the millions. The Prime Minister was caught “on his tea break” answering 12 questions, ranging from, “Why are we having this election?” to, “Sunday roast or fish ’n’ chips?”

His decision to go for the latter sparked a flurry of online speculation about the Tories’ electoral ambitions in fishing towns. Incidentally, this is a more than usually silly theory, because most of the cod we eat is imported.

The thousands of comments left under the video captured two predominant reactions. The first was: “Love it! Nice one Boris.” The second: “Oh Boris…