Tories and Labour are united in their neglect of British defence

Our security is probably weaker than at any time since the Cold War

A data firm, Zegami, has published an analysis of all party leaders’ tweets in the first half of this election campaign. There were 764 of them, of which 414 came from either Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson.

Of those 764, only two tweets mentioned defence. This is the neatest proof I have so far seen of the instinctive ability of rival political parties to collude.

Neither the Tories nor Labour want to talk about defence – the first because they have offered no strategy and not enough money, the second because Labour, under Mr Corbyn’s CND influence, does not believe in the armed services, except as a form of public-sector job…

Donald Trump deserves a proper welcome for his stalwart and generous defence of our liberty

When the UK was selected as the venue for this week’s 70th anniversary Nato summit some eight months ago it was never anticipated that it would take place in the middle of a general election campaign. Ordinarily, this gathering of allies would be an opportunity to reassert the UK’s key strategic position to counter the concerns that the country’s defences would be weakened after Brexit.

The fact is that the West’s security since 1949 has been underpinned by Nato, and not the EU in its various guises. In particular, it has been guaranteed principally by the United States, which has shown a commitment to the defence of Europe that many of the EU’s leaders seem unwilling to acknowledge. A succession…