Our Armed Forces must adapt to survive this new decade of conflict

From cyber-war to proxy militias, our Services look ill-equipped for the challenges of the 2020s

The national security challenges facing Britain in the coming decade will be very different, and immensely more demanding than those it encountered in the decade we have just left behind.

Compared with the global threats we face today, the entanglements of the past 10 years were, relatively speaking, fairly straightforward, and mainly the legacy of the counter-terrorism campaign launched in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001 known as the war on terror.

This meant there were clearly defined foes, whether the Taliban in Afghanistan or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), and its…

Let’s enter the new decade with pride and optimism for the future

Now is the moment for patriotism and confidence in British identity, the product of a glorious past

As the decade draws to a close, Britain has got its mojo back. In the election less than three weeks ago, we snatched victory from the jaws of self-defeat and the annihilation of our identity. Just like Disraeli, Churchill, and Thatcher before him, Boris Johnson stands now at the helm of this great nation, ready to steer it towards a new age of unity and prosperity. 

For too long, Islington intellectuals, heirs of Karl Marx, have poisoned every cup of knowledge with their culture wars. For them, to be British is to be ashamed and meek, head hanging low with guilt. Imperialism, colonialism, and…

Was the 2010s the decade that was characterised by self-delusion?

When did we stop ascribing qualities to decades? Probably when we realised it was a futile exercise.

Most people spent the Swinging Sixties leading resolutely un-swinging lives and in what Caryl Churchill called the Sexy-Greedy Eighties it was only a handful of heedless beasts like me who threw caution to the wind in their bid for instant gratification. But perhaps it makes us feel more ordered, less like tumbleweed being blown down the lonesome highway of life, if ten years worth of random living can be put in a container, labelled and stacked away.

What would we call the decade we’re just about to say sayonara to? The Troubled Teens, perhaps, when a lot of people who should have known better…