Letters: Boris Johnson’s energy and vision have won disaffected Conservatives back to the cause

SIR – It was quite something for me to cast my vote for my Conservative candidate on Thursday. The last time I had done so was very reluctantly in 1992; since then, as a campaigner to leave the EU, I was not inspired by a single Conservative leader – until Boris Johnson arrived.

Back in the dark days, when John Major was destroying the Conservative Party, I wrote to him many times, warning that he would lose my vote – and that, if lifelong Tory voters like me deserted the party, he was in trouble.

Mr Johnson has clearly won back many traditional Conservative voters, and we look forward to a return to true Conservative principles, getting out of the EU 
and restoring our standing on the world…

The Brexit Party’s work is over. Now it’s up to the Tories to get Brexit done

Over the coming days and weeks, there will be a lot of politicians and commentators peddling their agendas, providing their excuses and trying to shape future thinking in their own image. Many of these narratives and analyses of the election will be wrong factually, and flawed in their intent.

The true narrative is that the Conservative government have been given a rare mandate to shape Britain, to establish our place in the world and to develop a turbo-charged economy. It is vital that the Conservative Party do not retrench to becoming conservative with a small ”c”.

After a splendid election result, my only concern at present is that vested interests prevail coupled with the low-level of competence…

Local intelligence and boots on the ground are what the Tories need to ensure they stay ahead in this election 

The recently published MRP election poll has confirmed the direction of the 2019 general election: a sizeable Conservative majority.  The Conservative strategy to position Boris and the party positively with the country’s Brexit majority is paying off handsomely at national level.  It appears that Labour’s campaign is unravelling under the triple burden of the public’s dislike and distrust of Corbyn, Brexit dither and anti-Semitism.  Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats are stuck in a Jo Swinson manufactured whiney rut, as choosing to position a previously centrist party as extreme by promising to revoke Article 50 has badly backfired.  King Boris and General Cummings must be looking across the political…

Only my party will deliver the strong policing that the British people want

The Conservative manifesto respects the overwhelming public appetite for zero tolerance on crime 

The launch of the Conservative manifesto has put my party back on the common ground of British politics. Labour’s ideological spend and tax manifesto, meanwhile, could not be further from it. Their pledges revolve around a desire to turn the clock back to the 1970s in some misplaced nostalgia for a Britain of the past – a past where trade unions bossed the government around and where days lost through strikes were the highest in the developed world.

No, the Conservative manifesto is the antidote to this dangerous and discredited ideology.

Most people I meet, whether they voted Remain or Leave,…

As Boris redraws the political map, he’s changing what it means to be a Tory 

If the polls are to be believed, Boris Johnson is redrawing the electoral map. If he succeeds, he will redefine the Conservative Party and change British politics for decades to come.

The Prime Minister has already converted the Tories into a resolutely pro-Brexit party. Every Conservative candidate in this election supports his plan for getting Britain out of the European Union. The rebels he expelled from the party have either accepted his deal and returned to the fold, or been forced into permanent exile. The likes of Dominic Grieve – now an independent candidate – will discover the true extent of their “personal vote” when they lose to their Conservative opponents.

With previous splits over…