The Tories will blow this chance with the working class if they govern in a London bubble

We can’t be the voice of the people if we are trapped in a Westminster echo chamber

Over the past three years, Britain has witnessed a revolution. The working class has stirred and delivered two huge shocks to Westminster – voting Leave in defiance of the Establishment in 2016, and now turning away decisively from the Labour Party in a groundbreaking election.

We Tories have a unique chance to be a truly One Nation party, as the new voice of ordinary people. We must rise to the challenge of this blue-collar Conservative revolution – and, crucially, not make the mistake of trying to govern in a London bubble.

Boris Johnson’s weekend pledge in Tony Blair’s former seat, the newly blue Sedgefield…

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to throw Labour into the dustbin of history

It’s not too late for Remainers and Leavers to come together, and vote tactically to permanently realign politics

Never in Britain’s history has there been a more dispiriting election of such political magnitude. The Tories have fought a mouth-dribblingly limp campaign, surpassed only by the spontaneous combustion of Jo Swinson, and the rashes of Corbynphobia breaking out across the once proudly red heartlands. But maybe – just maybe – we are on the brink of something big. A hung parliament is a real danger. But there is also a momentous chance to change the rules of the game in British politics – by consigning Labour to oblivion.

The final opinion polls show the race has tightened, but on…

As Nigel Farage recognises, Leavers must unite and back Boris to crack on with Brexit

Over three years ago, this country voted for change – a change that would unleash Britain’s potential in a way that’s not been possible under decades of EU control. This election offers us the chance, arguably the final chance, to deliver on that referendum result and put uncertainty behind us. A vote for anything other than the Conservative Party is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn and two referendums in 2020 – or worse, a remain alliance and years of dither and delay. 

I am a detail person, and I voted against Theresa May’s deal because the detail showed it would not deliver anything recognisable as Brexit. This is not the case with Boris Johnson’s deal, which is why I am backing it. 

I want anyone…