Should Britain really recognise the conviction of the British teenager in Cyprus?

The British teenager convicted in Cyprus of falsifying rape allegations was spared jail when the court handed down a suspended sentence. It means she has been able to return home, but to what future?

In common with other newspapers, we have declined to name the woman who is not subject to the protections that apply to victims of sex abuse. The Cypriot legal system has decreed she is the guilty party, not the 12 Israeli men who claim she was a willing participant in what by any standards is appalling behaviour on their part, criminal or not.

Her continued anonymity will allow the woman to rebuild her life after what must have been a dreadful ordeal.

However, she wants to become a police officer…

Sausage lovers can rest easy with a quality British banger on their plate

The great British banger is in rude health despite facing an onslaught from militant vegans and often distorted health information. And thank goodness – because who doesn’t love a sausage?

That wasn’t necessarily always the case. During the Second World War they were nicknamed “bangers”, as a lack of ingredients and a high water content meant they often exploded during cooking. Post-war, a combination of rationing and unscrupulous butchers meant that many sausages were a mongrel mix of sweepings from the abattoir floor.

A revolution took place in the Eighties thanks to a Daily Telegraph journalist called Bill O’Hagan. Bill turned his sausage-making hobby into a business and opened the world’s…

Now the Government must end the injustice of elderly British service personnel on trial

Yesterday’s High Court ruling that IRA activist John Downey was responsible for the 1982 Hyde Park bombing, which killed four British soldiers, raises fresh questions about the Blair government’s decision to grant immunity to terrorist suspects as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

Downey was previously charged with responsibility for the bombing after he was arrested while transiting through Gatwick Airport in 2013. But the trial dramatically collapsed the following year after defence lawyers produced a written assurance from Tony Blair’s government that he was no longer wanted as part of its controversial On The Runs (OTRs) scheme.

This prompted relatives of the four Royal Household Cavalrymen…

Are the Conservatives now the natural party for Hindu voters?

British politics could not be more unpredictable. A number of groups are very much “in play” in this general election, as bonds of party identification continue to fray. We have heard a lot about pro-Brexit traditional Labour voters in the Midlands, Northern England, and Wales, who are being eyed up by Boris Johnson as he targets a parliamentary majority. But there is another section of the UK’s “volatile” electorate which is just as much of a key Labour-Tory battleground but which has not received anything like as much attention: British Indian Hindus.

There has been a steady movement of British Indian Hindu voters away from Labour in recent elections, as these often highly-educated, upwardly-mobile…

To defend the cause of freedom, Britain should open its doors to the liberty-loving Hong Kongers

Allowing them to claim their rights as UK citizens will make it harder for China to repress them

Britain is a bastion of liberty to those who live under the shadow of tyrants. But the freedoms we all take for granted, others fight for across the world every single day. If we can help, we must. 

Today, the people of Hong Kong need our help. On top of the more than 35,000 UK citizens living and working in the territory, there are just shy of a quarter of a million Hong Kongers with British National (Overseas) status. Introduced after the Sino-British Agreement handing over Hong Kong to Beijing, it is an empty form of citizenship — denying our British brothers in the territory the right to live…

Donald Tusk thinks Brexiteers are longing for empire. Has he met the EU elite?

John Bercow’s demob-happy denunciation of Brexit as the "biggest mistake since the war" has inspired fellow Remainers to hold forth as they bow out of their own jobs.

“The UK election takes place in one month. Can things still be turned around?” Donald Tusk mused last night, urging British supporters of the EU not to "give up" as he confessed to pushing for constant extensions to the Article 50 process in the hope of leaving time for a "possible British change of heart" on leaving the bloc.

The European Council president did not just stop at publicly urging on Boris Johnson’s opponents, as he poured scorn on British Eurosceptics. "I have heard repeatedly from Brexiteers that they wanted to leave…