As Nigel Farage recognises, Leavers must unite and back Boris to crack on with Brexit

Over three years ago, this country voted for change – a change that would unleash Britain’s potential in a way that’s not been possible under decades of EU control. This election offers us the chance, arguably the final chance, to deliver on that referendum result and put uncertainty behind us. A vote for anything other than the Conservative Party is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn and two referendums in 2020 – or worse, a remain alliance and years of dither and delay. 

I am a detail person, and I voted against Theresa May’s deal because the detail showed it would not deliver anything recognisable as Brexit. This is not the case with Boris Johnson’s deal, which is why I am backing it. 

I want anyone…

Two cheers to Nigel Farage for pulling his candidates for the Brexit cause. Now the Tories should return the favour

Nigel Farage’s popularity has always perplexed and infuriated his opponents. Many enjoy baiting him for failing to break into national politics at successive general elections. Working on the margins of British politics, however, the Brexit Party leader has arguably done more to shape the political landscape than any politician since Blair or even Thatcher. Without Farage there would have been no EU referendum. Without the threat of the Brexit Party, the Conservatives might have cravenly accepted Theresa May’s disastrous deal, leaving Britain denied an independent trade policy and trapped in the EU’s Customs Union with no influence over its rules. Today’s developments once again prove that Farage…

The fall of Morales is a body blow to the Corbynista Left’s utopian delusions

There was a time when the fall of a Bolivian president in the middle of a British general election wouldn’t have made waves here. Jeremy Corbyn, however, is not one to let his own electioneering get in the way of a denouncing an imperialist coup anywhere. And he is right to sense the end of an era in the fall of Evo Morales.

What happened on Sunday was not just another small political earthquake in the Andes. When enraged crowds chased the Bolivian president from office as a vote-cheat they punctured long-held Left-wing fantasies that Evo Morales was shaping an eco-socialist Shangri-la.

Few on the Left raised an eyebrow when Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, said that after Dec 12,…

Farage can save Brexit and be this election’s kingmaker – but he needs to rip up his strategy

To rout Labour and hold the Tories’ feet to the fire, Nigel must not repeat the same mistake as UKIP in 2015

Like all bruisers for political parties, when the Conservatives are on the defensive, they go on the attack. In this they are ruthlessly effective. Having not so much clogged as clobbered the airwaves with criticism of the Brexit Party leader in recent days, Nigel Farage has partly backed down, with the promise his candidates will not stand in Tory-held seats. 

Considering that the Conservative party has repeatedly snubbed Mr Farage’s overtures for a Leaver election pact, because they are confident they can win a majority without one, Mr Farage has acted magnanimously and with humility…

Remembrance Day reminds us yet again why we cannot let a Marxist sympathiser become PM

On Remembrance Sunday I duly took my place at the parade from our town square here in Bury St Edmunds to join the march to the war memorial for the Service of Remembrance  and laying of wreaths. It was a fine and dry day and the crowds in the streets larger than I had ever seen.

As usual our own British troops and bands were joined by those from the American Nato bases in East Anglia as well as those of the voluntary services, the Salvation Army, Scouts, Guides and more in a great show of force and determination to preserve our shared democratic values.

Despite the sunshine outside, inside the hall where a reception was held, the possibility of an anti-Western neo-Marxist government emerging…

Nigel Farage may be sparing Tory seats, but he could still destroy Brexit and Boris Johnson’s deal

As arresting as Nick Timothy’s comparison of Nigel Farage to Frodo Baggins is in today’s Telegraph, surely the more appropriate character to invoke is Gollum?

He clashed with the Hobbits during their epic journey to sort out the One Ring once and for all, just as Mr Farage did with the Tories since the referendum. But Frodo and Sam came to rely on him to reach Mount Doom, keeping him at arm’s length as much as Vote Leave did to Mr Farage in their shared battle for Brexit.

The Prime Minister has reached the end of his quest to get Brexit done. Unlike Frodo when faced with the fires of Mount Doom, Mr Johnson shows no sign of succumbing to weakness by failing to finish the job. But it is still possible that…

It’s time for us Christians to wage war on Christmas

To halt the cultural appropriation of our religion, we must boycott ever-earlier festivities

Last week, I walked into a Costa Coffee, heard the sound of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” and walked straight out again. This is what we all need to do. I, Tim Stanley – a right-wing Christian and member of the National Trust – am calling for a war on Christmas. We need to boycott it to save it.

My objection to consumer Christmas is two-fold. Number one, it is tacky and unpleasant, and it really does start earlier each year, as if the shops were trying to gaslight us into believing it’s Christmas every day. The first Christmas ad I heard on the radio was on November 3. It was for a…

Homeopaths should not be allowed to advertise autism ‘cures’

People with illnesses or conditions that are either incurable or difficult to treat are understandably drawn to claims of miracle panaceas. If conventional medicine fails they may turn to homeopaths offering alternatives that have no basis in science and give unrealistic expectations of improvement. As we report today homeopaths are advertising autism “cures” or treatment to ‘improve the condition’ despite a ban by the advertising watchdog last year.

Therapists offering so-called CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression) say they can bring about a “complete healing” of autism and children with the condition can be “detoxified” with “impressive and heart-warming results”. Many…

Nigel Farage risks losing everything with his great election gamble

No-one is more responsible for Brexit than Nigel Farage. He campaigned for leaving the EU long before the idea was glint in Boris Johnson’s eye. His Ukip party’s success forced David Cameron to concede the referendum in which a record 17.4m people voted to leave. And yet his apparent intention to contest every seat at the general election on December 12 now risks jeopardising the very achievement he has spent a political lifetime trying to bring about. There are many Brexit party supporters who insist, taking their lead from Mr Farage, that the deal negotiated last month by Mr Johnson “is not real Brexit”.

There are, indeed, elements of the agreement that will be problematic to those who want…

Nigel Farage has tragically turned into the Frodo Baggins of Brexit

The Brexit grandee’s bizarre move to unseat Tory Leavers could ruin everything he has worked for

In Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins undertakes an epic journey and battles all as he seeks to destroy the One Ring, which gives absolute power to whoever wears it. When Frodo finally reaches the Fire of Mount Doom, he succumbs to temptation and chooses not to destroy the ring, but keep it for himself.

Recently, friends of Nigel Farage have taken to comparing him to Frodo. Mr Farage has spent a lifetime campaigning to get Britain out of the European Union. He overcame incredible odds to become one of the few who can say they made Brexit happen. But now Britain has the opportunity to leave the EU,…