Is this the beginning of the end for our toxic woke culture?

Ricky Gervais and Laurence Fox have won plaudits for challenging the prevailing progressive ideology. Expect other celebrities to follow suit

In April 2006, American comedian Stephen Colbert was asked to perform at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, an occasion historically used to mock the sitting president, the media and celebrities in attendance. 

Colbert used this opportunity to skewer then-president George W. Bush while standing a few feet away from him and his entourage. It was a moment of extraordinary courage in which a comic spoke truth to power that sent an important message which reverberated around the globe: in a free country, no one is exempt from criticism and even those…

Letters: Interrogation and interruption on Today are a discourtesy to listeners

SIR – Henry Webber (Letters, December 24) points out that, since the ministerial boycott of the Today programme, it has been more enjoyable, without constant interruptions from interviewers.

All BBC political broadcasting would be more enjoyable if interviewers learnt the difference between interviewing and interrogation; if they knew how to ask questions without advancing their own opinions; if they understood that to interrupt is a discourtesy not just to the interviewee but to listeners also; and if they realised that aggressive, ill-tempered interviewing is plain bad manners as well as often counterproductive.

Perhaps a training course with some of our skilled young barristers wouldn’t go…

Labour’s retreat into "the Tories are fascists" is as insulting as it is predictable

According to the Labour Party, the defeat they suffered last Thursday is far, far worse than previously imagined. Their leader, manifesto and policy on Brexit were not just comprehensively rejected, but in the view of virtually every Labour MP and grassroots activist, they were rejected in favour of an "extreme right wing" party.

Boris Johnson, so this consensus goes, heads the most extreme government, not just in the post-war period, or in living memory, but as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell put it, “the most extreme right-wing cabinet we’ve ever seen in the political history of this country.” The problem for Labour is that this judgment applies not just to the new government, but to everyone who…

The centre ground is now on the centre-Right

The Prime Minister on Friday directly acknowledged the voters who gave him his historic majority: Labour stalwarts who backed the Tories for the first time in their lives, whose hand wavered over the ballot paper with the voices of ancestors ringing in their ears.

This must be, he said, a “moment of national reconciliation” – for “closure” and for “healing.” That means getting Brexit done, either because those first-time Tory voters are passionate about leaving the EU or because they’re sick of hearing about it. And now that Mr Johnson has an 80-seat majority under his belt, he can both pass his withdrawal bill and negotiate with the EU from strength, fleshing out a trade deal that works in the…

Even the Tories are floored by their game-changing triumph in the Black Country 

The red wall has crumbled. The Black Country has been the beating heart of Labour in The West Midlands for decades, but tonight that tradition ends. West Bromwich and most of Wolverhampton have joined previous Tory gains like Walsall North to make the working-class Brexit voting Black Country blue.

It’s clear that Boris Johnson’s message "Get Brexit Done" has resonated in the West Midlands, where people are exhausted by the last three years of delay. While the Tories have increased their vote share, Labour’s support has crashed by an average of around 10 per cent. Corbyn’s toxic leadership and a second referendum policy has buried the party in an area that should be its backbone. 

The Black Country…

Letters: A lack of courteous debate has wearied voters in this important election

SIR – I was heartened to read the letter headed “Bullying broadcasters” by Lord Grade of Yarmouth (December 10). We are fortunate to have a free press in this country, but when courtesy is jettisoned by broadcasters, then respect for them from the public is hugely diminished.

The danger is that, with the overdose of interviews and badly chaired debates which have served no purpose, the electorate becomes so weary with the political scene that they decide not to use their right to vote in a very important election.

The so-called “forensic” style used by presenters on radio and television, their aggressive stance and constant interruptions bordering on interrogation, not conversation, have not…

When a celebrity like Lily Allen says she believes in a politician, 100 voters cry

I wasn’t surprised to see Lily Allen crying with happiness at Magic Grandpa’s Money Tree Manifesto last week. To say the singer is immature is like saying the Labour leader is a bit of a Lefty; of all the celebrities I’ve had beef with, she’s the only one who’s ever got her mum on to me.

Where I went to school, you made damn sure your mother never had the chance to stand up for you once you were out of Mixed Infants – but they obviously do things differently at Bedales.

Politics being showbusiness for ugly people, it’s only understandable that politicians feel sprinkled with fairy dust whenever a celeb deigns to wink their way.

But I find that every time a celebrity says that they believe in…