Hopelessly out of date and ruinously expensive: Tory knives are out for HS2

Will there ever be a better time for Boris Johnson to take unpopular decisions? The Labour Party lies in ruins, seemingly determined not to learn the lessons of its election defeat. The Conservatives are at his feet, unable to believe the size of the majority he won.

His Cabinet meetings have become a chorus of sycophancy, with even the Prime Minister looking bored by the various declarations of admiration. He will perhaps never have as much personal political power as he has now. The question facing No 10 is what he intends to do with it.

His stated mission is to get Brexit done, which will keep him busy this year – but now is the time to kill off expensive bad ideas. He has started to draw…

Millions backed Boris Johnson’s deal at the election. So what are we in for? 

General elections bring out the worst in politicians. 

It’s not just the Comical Ali-style bar charts, proclaiming some ancient parish council by-election portends a Liberal Democrat surge. Nor the fanciful accounting. My number crunching on Labour’s £83 billion budget binge suggested that’s what it would cost to fill Trafalgar Square with twenty Nelson’s Columns dedicated to a pantheon of Marxists – but all made of silver bullion.

It’s not the jostling for attention either, even amongst broadcasters. Like Channel 4 replacing the Prime Minister with something that fell out of a gin and tonic in Brobdingnag. (I exclude the Labour leadership from criticism in this instance; after all, Corbynites…

Migrants like me must abandon the Labour Party and its brand of patronising socialism

For too long, Labour has assumed to speak for migrants like me

I arrived in Britain 20 years ago from Lithuania, a young carpenter looking to forge a better future. Thanks to the opportunities offered to me in Britain, I am now a naturalised British citizen who runs a thriving company.

Having experienced Soviet tyranny first hand, I have serious concerns at the possibility of a Labour victory in the upcoming election. Under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party has adopted radical Left policies that would cripple the nation’s finances, deter investment and make people less free. And having moved to the UK from abroad, I find their approach to migrants incredibly patronising. All too often, Labour…

Jeremy Corbyn is too late to save the NHS: it has already been sold off under the EU

Jeremy Corbyn keeps telling us that "the NHS is not for sale". It has become his mantra for this election – the problem is that he is too late!

The reality is that the NHS is already for sale, and has been for decades. EU directives and Tony Blair’s obsession with "testing the market" are to blame.

The EU’s Public Procurement Directive states clearly that any public tender over a certain amount has to be open to any company with a subsidiary in the EU. The UK government and the NHS is prohibited from demanding that a provider of services has to be based in this country.

Any contract for a service not delivered “in-house” has to go to tender, and this not only includes services for hospitals but…

Our experts give their verdict on the ITV debate: a ‘terrible format’ and ‘the true face of Corbyn’ 

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have faced each other on ITV, in the first televised debate directly between a Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition.

Our writers have given their verdicts below:

Juliet Samuel: Viewers will be in no doubt Boris wants to get Brexit done

He just kept saying it. The NHS? “Get Brexit done.” Trust? “Get Brexit done.” Public spending? “Get Brexit done.” By the end the studio audience was groaning and Westminster hacks were claiming he had gone too far, but Boris Johnson knows that most viewers won’t have sat down to watch a whole hour of political squabbling. Most will see only a few clips of the debate. So Mr Johnson has almost certainly achieved his mission:…